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What is Snap Jewelry

Snap Jewelry is an interchangeable jewelry that allows you to change the focal point of your jewelry.  The jewelry is made similar to a jackets snap, the Snap itself has a circular lip on the bottom that with applied pressure locks into the Base Jewelry (i.e. Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, etc.)  which has a circular groove opening.  The Snap will lock into the base piece and can then be popped out and changed whenever you want.  This concept is going to allow you to get more use out of your favorite piece of jewelry because the color/focal point changes whenever you want it to.

How are orders shipped

Orders are shipped via USPS and will come with a tracking number

What are the size of the snaps

The majority of our snaps are 20MM however there are a few 18MM and 25MM snaps

Do you offer exchange or returns

Yes, we proudly offer hassle free returns and exchanges.  Please submit a Contact Us form for details on how.

Do you offer wholesale prices

Yes, please submit a Contact Us form for information